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Who we are

Voice for Humanity Uganda (VFH-Uganda) is a registered Indigenous Organization

(Reg. NO: INDR103811507NB) that was formed in 2013 by a group of young people with a shared dream to make our communities a better place for all to live and thrive to their full potential.


We exist to create opportunities in which all women, girls, children and young people live healthily, empowered and dignified lives free from hunger, disease and abuse.


We promote sustainable livelihoods and Agricultural practices, Reproductive Health information and mental health services for improved food security, better nutrition, increased incomes and environmental conservation, improved physical and mental health through non-formal vocational skills, Good Agronomic practices, Psychosocial support and Reproductive Health Information.

Our Vision

Hunger Free Households

For every woman & children should be empowered and live a healthy dignified life free from poverty, ignorance and disease.


Our Values



We care for those in need and strive to always be a source of hope, healing and restoration.


We are honoured that we do what we do to serve God in a special way.

We recognise that we are stewards of every resource entrusted to us and strive to demonstrate integrity, honesty and transparency.

Equality and Equity

We see God in every human and treat all with respect, dignity and humility.


We act and deliver on every promise we make.

The team


Patrick Oteba

Project Coordinator (YARP)  

Am happy to be coordinating Youth and Adolescents Resilience Project (YARP) that is helping refugee and host community youth in Adjumani to take Agriculture seriously to end poverty in their lives.

Being a youth myself and having grown in an impoverished family that only depended on farming to meet all of our needs, I have grown up with deep love for farming and I feel so blessed to be part of Voice for Humanity Uganda, empowering young people to live their lives to the fullest irrespective of the situations they have gone through in life or are currently faced with. In fact, COVID-19 presents even greater opportunities for young people to take agriculture as a business since there is greater demand for food.

The opportunity I have through Voice for Humanity Uganda to create, build and empower young people is the one I am forever grateful for as I discover my own potentials.

Patrick Oteba.jpg

David Elungat

Founder & Executive Director

Seeing a woman or girl able to achieve her dreams, living a life of dignity without despair or discrimination of any sort is all that I live for.

Empowering women and girls to live their fullest potentials through education, skills training, information sharing and livelihood opportunities is my passion. I was raised by a single mother having lost my father at the age of one year, my mother also unfortunately passed on when I was about 14 years.


It’s a mother to my childhood friend, unknown to, not related in any way, who took up the responsibility of raising me up with her meagre resources despite she was also a single mother raising her own four biological children. 

Indeed ‘’Empowering a woman is Empowering a whole community’’.
I am so honoured to be able to positively contribute to the lives of vulnerable women and girls, giving them the tools, resources and skills, they need to overcome poverty and support not only themselves but their households and communities they live in. Voice for Humanity Uganda creates opportunities for, builds the capacities of and empowers Women and girls.
It’s a blessing to work with refugees and other vulnerable women and girls, am so privileged to be leading a team of dedicated, passionate and selfless young men and women ready to serve and make a contribution to their communities.

Harriet Mesiku

Livelihood Officer

 have training in Agriculture, sharing the skills I acquired with my fellow women and girls so as to uplift them from poverty, disease and malnutrition is such an honour. I am so happy of being part of Voice for Humanity Uganda family and be able to serve my fellow South Sudanese women and girls from where I have ancestral roots.


Am grateful to all the partners and donors that have supported us to serve vulnerable women and girls.

Harriet Mesiku.jpg

Where We work

We work with rural communities serving women and children affected by conflict.
We work with Refugees at Adjumani Refugee settlement in the West Nile region of Uganda and Kyangwali Refugee settlement located in Kikuube district in Western Uganda.
Our current operations are in the districts of Adjumani, Kikuube and Katakwi.  

Where we work

Voice for Humanity Uganda was started in 2013 by Mr. Elungat David. Motivated by his personal story of growing up in the rural parts of Uganda, in the Internally Displaced People’s Camp (IDP) of Ocorimongin (in Katakwi District-Eastern Uganda) characterized by high poverty levels and disease, David experienced firsthand the pain of hunger, poverty, disease, displacement and orphanhood having lost both of his parents at an early age.

David also witnessed the struggles of widows and single mothers to meet the day needs of their children. In 2013 with the help of friends, he registered as an indigenous NGO and in 2014 with the support of David’s personal friends Mr and Mrs Jon Dachs, we launched our first operation in Kyangwali Refugee settlement, providing Trauma training to over 50 NGO workers and community leaders. In the same year, we supported 10 Congolese child mothers to acquire skills and start-up kits in Jewelry making with David’s personal savings from his former employment. 

Touched by the suffering of South Sudanese refugee women and children who had entered Uganda and settled in Adjumani following the breakout of a deadly war in South Sudan, David without any funding and by faith moved to Adjumani in 2015 to explore ways he could help.
The Office of the prime Minister was generous to provide free office space within its compound and one local volunteer was recruited to help with the work of assessing community needs. 

The women and girls expressed the need to have a source of livelihood so they could feed their children and be able to meet other basic needs as aid support wasn’t enough to meet all of their needs.

 In 2016, with funding from The Pollination Project (TPP)-USA, we trained 45 child mothers in Jewelry and soap making, empowering them with skills and tools for self-employment and income generation. With support from local and international organizations and friends such as Volunteer Action Network, Lutheran World Federation- Adjumani Sub Program, Amplifychange Fund, CRVPF and Go Campaign, we have since been able to equip and provide agricultural tools to 500 young people, provide Micro-Loans to 600 women and girls for business start-up, provide vocational skills and start-up tools to 105 child mothers, provide menstrual health education and kits to 1200 school going girls and psychosocial support to over 2000 individuals.

Despite years of almost inactivity due to funding challenges especially between 2013 and 2015, Our slow but steady growth has been possible through the strong commitment, passion and consistency of our team leader, staff and volunteers to deliver on our vision, emphasis on collaboration and networking with like-minded individuals and organizations both locally and internationally.
This is driven by our values of Compassion, commitment, stewardship and a focus on equality and equity in all we do.


We Need Your Support Today!

We believe all women can embrace who they are, can define their future & can change the world.

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