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We Create, We Equip & We Empower


Our garden project is participating in the #SeedMoneyChallenge,
a 30-day fundraising challenge and we could really use your support TODAY!

In addition to keeping the funds we raise from individuals like you,

we have a chance to win a challenge grant of up to $1000 from SeedMoney based on how much we raise over the course of the 30-day period running from Nov 15 to Dec 15

Voice for Humanity Uganda (VFH-Uganda) was formed in 2013 by a group of young people with a shared dream to make our communities a better place for all to live and thrive to their full potential.

What we do

  • Create opportunities for all women, girls, children and young people to live healthily

  • Bring dignity to the lives of hundreds of people and empower them

  • Make sure they are free from hunger, disease and abuse


  • Promote sustainable livelihoods and Agricultural practice

  • Provide reproductive health information and mental health services

  • Follow-up the impact for improved food security, better nutrition, increased incomes and environmental conservation

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Women And Girls